Monique Lallier

Summerfield, North Carolina 
Monique Lallier began bookbinding in Montreal in 1970 with Simone B. Roy. She continued her studies in Paris with Roger Arnoult, in Switzerland at Centro del Bel Libro with Edwin Heim, and in Solorhurn with Hugo Peller. Lallier has taught bookbinding since 1978. Her work has been exhibited widely in Canada, Europe and the United States, and her design bindings are in collections around the world.

Second Place, tie

Example Binding: 
Alfred de Musset
Engravings by Adolphe Lalauze.
Paris: Damascène Morgand, 1883.

Full leather binding of salmon color goatskin with leather onlays, pewter and blind tooling. The top edge is gilt with white gold.

Design Description: 
Full leather binding of black morocco with a recessed circular web of box calf, crunched pewter onlays, and blind lines. The bird design on the back cover represents the emblem of Dublin. The twenty-four circles of box calf and pewter represent the twenty-four hours of June 16, 1904. Edge to edge leather doublures and fly leaves continue the cover design. The top edge will be decorated with graphite.


Monique Lallier example binding


Monique Lallier design proposal

Monique Lallier