Marky Miles

Corpus Christi, Texas 
Born in Carthage, Missouri, Miles received her B.A. from Pan American College, Edinburg, Texas. In 1957, she established the Mission Press in Corpus Christi, Texas. Miles has attended bookbinding workshops with Priscilla Spitler, Gary Frost, Raoul Bollin, William Roberts, and at Booklab in Austin. In 1989 she opened the Mission Bookbindery in Corpus Christi.

Example Binding:
[Personal journal].

Full Domaki goatskin binding, painted and inlaid to represent a beach and flying kite. Colored linen sewing thread forms the kite string and is forced into an incision in the leather. The endpapers are dyed Tyvek.

Design Description: 
A full blue-gray oasis goatskin binding. The design will be painted and inlaid in black, brown, white, lavender, green and yellow. Inlaid on the spine are "Joyce" and "1922," and on the front board "Ulysses." The text block is sewn to linen cords.


Marky Miles example binding


Marky Miles design proposal

Marky Miles