Abigail S. Jones

Putney, Vermont 
Abigail S. Jones studied English-type binding at Capricornus in Berkeley, California and also learned French-style finishing with Eleanore Ramsey. Jones has also taken courses with Frank Mowery and Tini Miura at the American Academy of Bookbinding in Colorado.

Example Binding: 
Charles Dickens. 
Christmas Books
London: Chapman & Hall, Ltd., 1897.

Resewn on three cords. Full red Harmatan goatskin with onlays and tooling. Custom leather and silk box.

Design Description: 
Jones's design is based upon the idea of the river representing freedom and escape for Huck and Jim. The barbed wire represents the constant threat to that freedom with the river as the only way out. Split-board construction with hollow back, numerous onlays represent the river, fence posts, mountains, sky, and stones, the design contained within a border of gold dots. The rest of the tooling will be blind except on the spine, which is gold-tooled. The titling is Centaur to match the text and the sign post will read “hobo.”

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Abigail S. Jones example binding

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Abigail S. Jones design proposal

Abigail S. Jones