Jan Sobota

Loket, Czech Republic 
Jan Sobota studied with Karel Silinger from 1954 to 1957 in Pilsen, Czechoslovakia and in 1957 finished his studies at the School for Applied Arts in Prague. In 1969, Sobota received the title "Master of Applied Arts," and ten years later, the title of "Meister der Einbandkunst." Sobota's work has been exhibited in countries on four continents and he has received eighteen prizes

Judges' Distinction for Interpretation

Example Binding: 
Pierre Loüys. 
Les Chansons de Bilitis. 

Translated from the Greek.
Illustrations by G. Barbier engraved on wood by François Schmied.
Paris: Pierre Conrad, 1922.

Triple cover board binding structure, gold leather headbands with top edge in gold, brown Harmatan goatskin for the top cover, gold leather middle, and dark blue goatskin for the doublures, flyleaves are blue suede leather. A cut through technique is used for doublure design.

Design Description: 
The binding structure is a triple cover board, with hand sewn headbands of green and blue silk, top edge painted brown. Navy blue goatskin for  top cover and dark green goatskin for the doublures. Brass strips will be attached to the edges of the cover boards. Relief onlays of 20 different colors and grains of goatskin decorating the cover. In the front doublure there will be a "window" with a print of Mark Twain covered with transparent vellum. Oil color marbled paper for the flyleaves.

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Jan Sobota example binding

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Jan Sobota design proposal

Jan Sobota