Patty A. Bruce

Dallas, Texas 
Patty Bruce has been involved in the book arts for seven years. She has a degree in graphic design and a background in metalsmithing. She continues to train and take classes at the Craft Guild of Dallas under Sally Key and David Lawrence, with individual instruction from Pamela Leutz. She has also participated in workshops led by Jan Sobota and Gabrielle Fox, and attended the American Academy of Bookbinding in Telluride, studying with Monique Lallier.

Example Binding: 
Edgar Allen Poe. 
Edgar Allen Poe: Selected Poems & Tales
Illustrated by Mark Summers, introduction by Neil Gaiman.
New York: Barnes & Noble, 2004.

Case binding with rust-orange goatskin leather. Multi-colored onlaid leathers are incorporated on to the raised body of the raven designed by the artist to wrap around the surface of the book. A faceted citrine is set as the raven’s eye. A black bookcase box with matching colored felt lining and portrait of Edgar Allen Poe accompany the book.

Design Description: 
The design would attempt to reflect symbolically the literary references to life paths, growing mazes and the garden of forking pathways. The pathway would be raised to symbolize literary directions. It would be divided to show philosophical diversity and include embed faceted stones to emphasize the richness of  literary efforts. Clean lines, raised onlays in similar earth tones of brown goatskin. Black leather would offset the pathway for contrast of the faceted color stones. Complimentary papers would be selected for the end sheets and a clam shell box with matching lining would protect the case binding.

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Patty A. Bruce example binding

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Patty A. Bruce design proposal

Patty A. Bruce