C.L. Ingalls

Crested Butte, Colorado 
C. L. Ingalls began binding at the tables of Arion Press, under P. Gotthold and L. Ehrlandson, and was the handbinder at Taurus Bindery, learning from Tim James. Ingalls studied design binding under Eleanor Ramsey, and then continued at the American Academy of Bookbinding, studying under Tini Miura and Monique Lallier. Currently, Ingalls operates a small letterpress print shop and bindery, Eidolon Press.

Example Binding: 
Stefan Zweig. 
The Eyes of the Eternal Brother
Translated from the German by Andreas Ruthenberg and illustrated by Ilse Bechert Nesbitt.
Austin: Press Intermezzo, 2003.

The binding reflects the style and techniques proposed for Ficciones including a linear cover design, leather doublure and flyleaf, blind tooling throughout, bound in the French technique. The design is the journey from nothing to nothing on the cycle of life, a waltz with the “four stars of virtue.”

Design Description: 
The proposed design reflects the specific idea of the warping of reality. Sieved through simplicity, lines become representational. The cover depicts the warp with “FICCIONES” and “BORGES” flanking it down the spine, all characters being blind tooled. The front and back covers open to reveal a leather doublure and flyleaf combination that cyclically continues the cover design. The back doublure mimics the cover “warp” with dots that represent the points of changing line direction, but inverted to hold continuity. Both the cover and the interiors would be of safflower yellow morocco.

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C.L. Ingalls example binding

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C.L. Ingalls design proposal

C.L. Ingalls