Anne Rita Taylor & Kevin Taylor

Houston, Texas 
Anne Rita Taylor began bookbinding in 1995 at Artists Bookworks Houston. She has taught for nine years, currently at the Museum of Printing History. Kevin Taylor, collaborating with Anne since 1997, learned paper marbling from Galen Berry at the Oregon Book Arts.

Example Binding: 
Anne Taylor. 
Artist’s Journal
, 2006.

Cased in two boards with Harmatan purple leather #29. Text paper is Arches text wove. Marbled endpapers by Kevin Taylor. Flexible purple leather spine colored with gold pigment paint and sewn with “x” stitching to leather covers.

Design Description: 
Harmatan purple leather #29, marbled endpapers, endbands. Front board will be embroidered labyrinth of four-ply waxed golden yellow thread. Bottom board will be embroidered empty room, the labyrinth inspired by “The Garden of Forking Paths.” The reading of Ficciones is a dreamlike experience, something like going down pathways only to come out where the path began. The spine leather is sewn to leather covered boards with overlapping “x” stitch for handmade book effect to emphasize Borges’ love of books.

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Anne Rita Taylor & Kevin Taylor example binding

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Anne Rita Taylor & Kevin Taylor design proposal

Anne Rita Taylor & Kevin Taylor