Cathy Adelman

Malibu, California 
Cathy Adelman, a studio artist based in Malibu, California, was the first graduate of the American Academy of Bookbinding under founder Tini Miura. Her continuing education has included studies with Edwin Heim, Jean Luc Honegger, Alain Taral, Geert van Daal, Monique Lallier, and workshops with Daniel Kelm, Eleanor Ramsey, and Dominic Riley.

Example Binding: 
John Muir. 
Heaven on Earth
Illustrated by Charles D. Jones.
Austin: Press Intermezzo, 1998.

A French style binding with laced-on boards. The top edge is graphite with red silk hand sewn endbands. The book is covered in black goatskin with black emery paper and black morocco onlays, enclosed in a traditional chemise and slipcase. The shape and texture of the onlays suggest the mountain ranges dear to John Muir in his exploration of Yosemite.

Design Description: 
A French style binding with laced-on boards. The top edge is graphite with hand sewn silk endbands, covered in “coke” gray buffalo leather with onlays of emery paper and aluminum screen. The book would be housed in a matching leather clamshell box. The aluminum screen representing the source of the disappearance is depicted on the back board, dwindling around to the front board. “Goodbye” tooled on the spine, too late to save the river. The design is as “simple” as the age old problem of balancing contemporary needs for dwindling natural resources and preserving those resources for future generations.

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Cathy Adelman example binding

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Cathy Adelman design proposal

Cathy Adelman