Sherry Barber

Frisco, Texas 
Sherry Barber, who began studying book binding in 1999, is based in Frisco, Texas. She has attended local classes at the Craft Guild of Dallas, the Books ‘n Letters Studio, and the annual Guild of Book Workers Standards meeting. She has also taken workshops with Pricilla Spitler, Jan Sobota, Frank Mowery, and Monique Lallier. 

Example Binding: 
Charles Dickens. 
A Christmas Carol
Oldham, England: Incline Press, 2006.

Bound in full Harmatan burgundy leather with edge to edge leather doublures. Hand sewn endbands complement the letterpress flyleaf provided by the printer. Two illustrations from the book were simplified, hand tooled on the top and bottom boards, and enhanced with pigments.

Design Description: 
Teal blue French Chagreen leather with onlays of green and tan leather representing the landscape. Additional strip onlays in black represent the river and a figure with canoe paddle and fishing gear departing the area. The doublure will extend edge to edge in matching leather with a paste paper flyleaf and hand sewn endbands. The title is stamped in black. Goodbye to a River relates the events in one area over many years as well as a changing culture. Very simplified images were chosen to represent the book, but with the intention of not tying it to any one time period.

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Sherry Barber example binding

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Sherry Barber design proposal

Sherry Barber