Patty Bruce

Boston, Massachusetts 
Patty Bruce recently relocated from Dallas to Boston, where she works in her private studio. She attends the American Academy of Bookbinding and previously studied with David Lawrence, Pam Leutz, Sally Key, and Jan Sobota; trained with Monique Lallier and Helen Jollie; and took workshops with Stuart Brockman, Gabrielle Fox, and Daniel Kelm.

Example Binding: 
Padraic Colum. 
The Peep-Show Man
Illustrated by Lois Lenski.
New York: Macmillan, 1924.

A leather binding of royal blue goatskin with yellow, black, and flesh colored onlays. The face and hands of the woman were custom designed by the binder and cast in sterling silver.

Design Description: 
A split board binding decorated with a pallet of colors in blues and greens. The significance of the river is abstracted on the cover in onlays of various blue and green colors to emphasize the importance of this pathway in this memorable journey.

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Patty Bruce example binding

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Patty Bruce design proposal

Patty Bruce