Jane Elder

Dallas, Texas
Jane Lenz Elder has worked with Pam Leutz, Sally Key, and David Lawrence at the Craft Guild of Dallas. She also participated in a binding intensive taught by Priscilla Spitler.

Example Binding: 
Frank H. Cushing. 
My Adventures in Zuñi
Palo Alto, California: American West Publishing Company, 1970.

Tight-back binding with text sewn onto linen tapes and laced-on boards of quilted book-matched maple. Spine and hinges in goatskin with an inset of Bisbee turquoise from Arizona delineating the front edge of the quarter binding; endpapers by Catherine Levine; Zuni symbol used by the printer at chapter headings and on the colophon recreated on top board. Edge decoration of teal acrylic paint with overlay of gold.

Design Description: 
Sewn silk headbands, edge decoration of gold over a cedar-colored dark green, and endpapers created by Dallas marbler Catherine Levine. A silhouette of a dachshund, carved, filled, and stained on the lower corner of the front cover, acknowledges the author’s companion on his journey. The design is intended to evoke the landscape Graves describes through the use of materials indigenous to Texas: goatskin and mesquite boards, with square insets of polished picture jasper. The brown, gold, green, and red palette reflects colors commonly seen along the Brazos River watershed at the time of year Graves undertook his odyssey.

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Jane Elder example binding

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Jane Elder design proposal

Jane Elder