Gabrielle Fox

Cincinnati, Ohio 
Gabrielle Fox received a diploma in Conservation and Fine Binding from the Guildford College of Technology, where her binding instructors included Maureen Duke, Daphne Beaumont-Wright, and Tony Miles.

Example Binding: 
William H. A. Butler. 
Nothing to Wear
Fullerton, California: Lorson's Books & Prints, 1982.

This miniature binding has been sewn on tapes, laced in, with silk endbands. The gilding has been done by Myles at Marchetti Brothers. The outer and inner boards are covered in full goatskin with leather onlays and gold, palladium, and colored foil tooling. The flyleaves are Curwen decorated and Twinrocker handmade papers. A cloth and leather push-out book type box has a stamped leather label. The volume’s Edwardian verse describes a woman with an overbrimming wardrobe, but still with “nothing to wear.” The design shows the woman in her dressing gown, her arms up in despair, while the leather doublures illustrate various pieces of clothing thrown in the air.

Design Description: 
The Brazos River flows south-southeast as shown in the design. The head of the text will be colored and then gilded with various colors of gold and palladium to shimmer as light on water. Full goatskin with leather onlays and several colors of gold and palladium tooling will echo older maps with color and images illustrating the journey. The flyleaves will consist of a repeated pattern of my own wood engraving, reflecting the shallow spots Graves describes in the river.

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Gabrielle Fox example binding

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Gabrielle Fox design proposal

Gabrielle Fox