Wilfredo A. Geigel

San Juan, Puerto Rico 
Wilfredo A. Geigel, whose studio is located in his home in San Juan, Puerto Rico, started binding classes ten years ago in the Ada Diaz de Rojas bindery with Johnny Rojas. He has taken classes and workshops with Frank Mowery, Eleanor Ramsey, Tini Miura, Monique Lallier, and Edwin Heym.

Example Binding: 
The Odyssey of Homer
Illustrated by Barry Moser.
New York: Limited Editions Club, 1981.

Full blue leather binding in the French tradition with the design of an ancient Greek ship tooled in blind across top and bottom boards with gilded star constellations on top and bottom boards. Edge to edge doublures blind tooled. Top edge in graphite, sewn headbands with three color silk threads.

Design Description: 
Full beige leather binding in the French tradition with one window cut and opened on each board framing a photograph taken by the binder representing the Brazos. The inside cover will be finished in edge to edge doublures. The top edge will be painted brown to represent the water with sewn headbands in matching colored threads. The design shows two views of the Brazos River observed through the windows of a cabin, representing the author’s belief that "a river has few 'views' . . . your consciousness of them is visual only if you walk ashore to see them."

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Wilfredo A. Geigel example binding

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Wilfredo A. Geigel design proposal

Wilfredo A. Geigel