Jamie Kamph

Lambertville, New Jersey 
Jamie Kamph established the Stonehouse Bindery in Lambertville, New Jersey in 1976 following her bookbinding studies with Hope Weil in New York City. She restores rare books and creates fine bindings.

Example Binding: 
William Shakespeare. 
The Tempest
Canton, New York: Caliban Press, 2001.

Purple oasis goatskin, red onlay cut-out “Ariel” figure taken from illustration in the book, green onlay gold-tooled “barometer” indicating stormy weather, recessed only corners with gold-tooled suns.

Design Description: 
Fall blue-green oasis goatskin, brown and rust onlays, Italian Restauro endpapers. Onlays in blind and gold tooled to represent permanence (blind) and transience (gold). Reflections on what will be gold wavy lines. Colors to be used symbolically: blue representing the calm of water and sky, brown implying the looming stress of change, and rust suggesting man-made disruptions. The rust sunset reiterates the notion of endings.

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Jamie Kamph example binding

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Jamie Kamph design proposal

Jamie Kamph