Esther Kibby

Dallas, Texas 
Esther Kibby has taken courses with Susan Grant at Texas Woman’s University and David Lawrence at the Craft Guild of Dallas.

Example Binding: 
Alfred, Lord Tennyson. 
Idylls of the King
Illustrated by Lynd Ward.
New York: Limited Editions Club, 1952.

Natural goatskin with purple Harmatan goatskin, a modified lacunose technique and stingray onlays. Marbled endsheets by Catherine Levine. The two interlocking circles are based on the vesica piscis. The purple ring symbolizes the spiritual with gilt stars, the flowering Holy Thorn tree represents the material world. On the spine, Excalibur bisects the interlocking shapes while the outer ring binds them as a whole.

Design Description: Deep brown goatskin representing land, edged with lacunose and biscuit onlays. Thin blue inlaid lines dissecting the deep brown cover. A river shaped inset panel, covered in parchment with blue goatskin onlays depicting familiar Texas icons. Leather joint construction, biscuit leather doublures with blind-tooled river willow branch and flyleaves. Silk headbands in deep rust and salmon. Title and author blind tooled on clamshell box. The design is based on the Brazos River as it winds through the Texas landscape, reflecting the state’s cultural memories and identity.

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Esther Kibby example binding

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Esther Kibby design proposal

Esther Kibby