Pamela Leutz

Colorado Springs, Colorado 
Pamela Leutz of Colorado Springs, Colorado, concentrates on design bindings, interactive bindings, and teaching. She has been most influenced by her studies with Jan Sobota, Hugo Peller, Sally Key, and Dorothy Westapher.

Example Binding: 
Peter Beard, editor. 
Longing For Darkness, Kamante’s Tales From Out of Africa
Illustrated with photographs by Isak Dinesen.
New York: Harcourt Brace Jovanovich, 1975.

Bound using Jan Sobota’s two-board binding technique. Terracotta goatskin binding with raised black and brown goatskin onlays to resemble a zebra, title stamped in gold, leather headbands, brown goatskin doublures, top edge colored with acrylics and tooled.

Design Description: 
Binding will utilize Jan Sobota’s two-board binding technique. Green goatskin wrinkled as waves, raised dark and light brown goatskin onlays form a canoe, branch pressed into covers resembles shadows from overhanging branches, title stamped in blind, poem blind tooled into the waves, top edge colored dark green and tooled with wavy lines, doublures of dark brown goatskin impressed with branches. Front flyleaf is a map of the author’s travels; back flyleaf is a reproduction printed on brown Ingres paper of a letter written by Graves in 2005 to the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality.

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Pamela Leutz example binding

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Pamela Leutz design proposal

Pamela Leutz