Sherry Barber

Frisco, Texas 
Sherry Barber of Frisco, Texas studied accounting before pursuing bookbinding. Since 1999, she has been taking classes and workshops and in 2010 began attending the American Academy of Bookbinding. She creates artist books, journals, and fine bindings at her Stone Manor Press.

Example Binding: 
The Book of Ruth
Woodcuts by Brian Kershisnik.
Provo, Utah: Tryst Press, 2011.

Yellow ochre leather with figure onlays, cover illustrations include acrylic pochoir painting and additional onlays of leather, design details blind tooled. Endbands are two shades of wheat colored silk over two cores with a front bead. Pastedowns and endsheets are pastepapers made by the binder that suggest the wheat which Ruth was allowed to glean from Boaz’s field after their arrival in Israel.

Design Description: 
Dark teal blue French shagreen leather, cover illustrations include acrylic pochoir painting, onlays of various leathers, design details blind tooled. Endbands in two colors of blue silk with white accents. Pastedowns and endsheets made of pastepapers reflecting calm and turbulent seas. The illustration suggests the different paths our lives might take. If we are at one with Christ, regardless of circumstances, others are able to see His reflection in us. When our spirit is in turmoil, there is no reflection observed.

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Sherry Barber example binding

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Sherry Barber design proposal

Sherry Barber