Nancy Buchanan

Euless, Texas 
Nancy Buchanan studied bookbinding at The Craft Guild of Dallas with David Lawrence and Sally Key. Her background in painting and pottery and her experience as a professional design artist creating brochures, posters, catalogues, and product boxes have influenced her bookbinding. She continues her studies at her home studio.

Example Binding: 
Frances Hodgson Burnett. 
The Secret Garden
New York: Barnes & Noble, 1994.

Case binding covered in leather over a sculptural rose with leather head bands, leather cover is hand painted. Box containing the book is an intricate part of the overall design, representing the wall around the secret garden with entrance through a weathered gate. Gate made from balsa wood and painted. Backer board inside the box has been formed to hold the book and painted to represent the garden.

Design Description: 
Design is intended to evoke the fundamental purpose of Christian life represented in the text, characterized by its emphasis on the interior life and withdrawal from the world. Book to be bound in black leather with cover design and title embossed in gold, representing how the text emphasizes devotion to the Eucharist as a key element of spiritual life. Endpapers were chosen for the design, which seems to bring out one's own personal life, ever winding and blossoming throughout time.

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Nancy Buchanan example binding

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Nancy Buchanan design proposal

Nancy Buchanan