Gabrielle Cooksey

Colorado Springs, Colorado 
Gabrielle Cooksey began to take courses at the American Academy of Bookbinding in Fall 2011 and has studied with Monique Lallier, Don Etherington, Don Glaister, Pam Leutz, and Suzanne Moore.

Example Binding: 
Wendell Berry. 
Andy Catlett: Early Education
Monterey, Kentucky: Larkspur Press, 2010.

Full terracotta goatskin with leather hinges, hand-sewn French endbands complement colors of endpapers. Blind-tooled smoke coming out of the side of the book, mirroring the illustrations in the book showing smoke elements.

Design Description: 
Dark brown calfskin with transparent vellum incorporated in the design, vellum with ink drawing of a robot, in darker metallic colors, and a god, with warm colors. Marbled flyleaves to match brown calfskin of covers. Design depicts a futuristic looking God and a broken down robot in the Creation scene. The Imitation of Christ discusses the finding the soul, offering solace on one’s spiritual life, and the Eucharist. The intention is to show God eagerly wanting the robot (man) to not be so afraid and to turn and face him. Humans live in a routine life, not thinking about their actions, and so this God is trying to break man from this routine.

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Gabrielle Cooksey example binding

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Gabrielle Cooksey design proposal

Gabrielle Cooksey