Barbara Dossett

Dallas, Texas 
Barbara Dossett of Dallas began bookbinding with Catherine Burkhard approximately six years ago. She has learned various methods for restoring old books and preparing bindings for new volumes.

Example Binding: 
The Thread That Binds: Interviews with Private Practice Bookbinders
Compiled and with introductions by Pamela Train Leutz.
New Castle, Delaware: Oak Knoll Press, 2010.

Bound in a medieval style with folios sewn using a French link stitch. Endsheets and extra gatherings at front and back added during the sewing, tapes added during the sewing and then frayed, shaved leather added in spaces between the tapes. Headbands made with hemp cords and linen thread. Vellum piece prepared for spine, tabs then cut, glued, and sanded. Composite boards made of two binders boards and eight sheets, glued together in alternating steps, then sanded and beveled. Leather attached to the cover, filler used on the inside covers. All edges painted.

Design Description: 
The design is in keeping with this book of devotion and duty to Christ. Binding in medieval style to reflect the time period in which the book was first written. Plain brown or light brown leather, Coptic stitching for the binding, title in black letter embossed in red on spine.

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Barbara Dossett example binding

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Barbara Dossett design proposal

Barbara Dossett