Jane Lenz Elder

Dallas, Texas 
Jane Lenz Elder has worked with Pam Leutz, Sally Key, and David Lawrence at the Craft Guild of Dallas. She also participated in a binding intensive taught by Priscilla Spitler. She recently helped organize and install “The Thread that Binds,” the 2011 exhibition of the Lone Star Chapter of the Guild of Book Workers.

Example Binding: 
The Book of Common Prayer, 1559: The Elizabethan Prayer Book
Charlottesville, Virginia: Published for the Folger Shakespeare Library by the University of Virginia Press, 2005.

Gebrochener Rücken (modified Bradel) binding with text sewn onto tapes. Covers made of watered silk, embroidered with Tudor-era motifs in silk and metallic gold, and embellished with seed pearls. Gold and white decorated endpapers, hand-sewn silk headbands, and edge decoration of acrylic paint in pink and gold.

Design Description: 
Gebrochener Rücken
 (modified Bradel) binding with text sewn onto tapes. Covers made of cerise-colored silk, embroidered in metallic gold with Chi-Rho symbol on the front cover and Alpha-Omega symbol on the back cover. Symbols framed by lace, over-sewn with seed pearls and garnets. Hand-sewn silk headbands, edge decoration of acrylic paint in two colors, and endpapers of a muted shade of metallic gold. The inspiration for this design is derived from embroidered books of the seventeenth century held in Bridwell Library’s Special Collections. The design is intended to invoke ecclesiastical imagery to underscore the significance of this text to the church, while the materials suggest the richness of its contribution to the history of spiritual formation.

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Jane Lenz Elder example binding

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Jane Lenz Elder design proposal

Jane Lenz Elder