Don Etherington

Summerfield, North Carolina 
Don Etherington is currently the president of Etherington Conservation Services. He previously served as the Chief Conservation Officer of the Humanities Research Center at the University of Texas in Austin, Texas, and the Assistant Restoration Officer at the Library of Congress. He received the Helen Warren DeGolyer Award in 1997.

Example Binding: 
Nicolas McDowall. 
Robin Tanner and the Old Stile Press: Being Printed Examples of Twenty Original Patterned Paper Designs
Llandogo, England: Old Stile Press, 1994.

Full orange goatskin with green and black goatskin onlays and gold tooling.

Design Description: 
Full purple goatskin with colored onlays and gold tooling with a cross motif.

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Don Etherington example binding

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Don Etherington design proposal

Don Etherington