Samuel Feinstein

Boston, Massachusetts 
Samuel Feinstein is a bookbinder and an aspiring finisher. He has studied at the North Bennet Street School with Jeff Altepeter and Martha Kearsley and at the American Academy of Bookbinding with Monique Lallier.

Example Binding: 
T. J. Cobden-Sanderson. 
The Arts and Crafts Movement
Unique copy prepared by the binder.
Boston: Samuel Feinstein, 2011.

Tightback goatskin binding, sewn on raised cords laced into boards, with a very flat back; all edges gilt and gauffered with a dotted line along either side of each edge; tooling with gold leaf and egg glaire; plain white endsections; single color silk headbands. The design is based on a Cobden-Sanderson binding, adapted for this book, and the entire book was executed as close as possible in the style of Cobden-Sanderson.

Design Description: 
Full purple goatskin binding; sewn-in leather hinge; leather doublures surface gilt and tooled in palladium, with tripartite corner motifs with onlays; double core silk headbands; neutral endpapers matching the text. The outside of the book is meant to be plain. The titling represents the fumbling part of the human condition, although spiritual illumination is found, with direction, within.

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Samuel Feinstein example binding

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Samuel Feinstein design proposal

Samuel Feinstein