Peter Geraty

Easthampton, Massachusetts 
Peter Geraty is the proprietor of Praxis Bindery which specializes in conservation, restoration, edition and fine binding, and boxes and portfolios. A bookbinder since 1975, he is a member of the Guild of Book Workers, the American Institute for Conservation, and Designer Bookbinders.

Example Binding: 
Lance Hidy. 
Designing the Mentoring Stamp
Florence, Massachusetts: Kat Ran Press, 2007.

Full black goatskin, front and back covers with fields of purple, orange, green, and red goatskin onlays and areas of solid gilt leather, tooled with straight gold lines, spine titled in gold, edges gilt. Endpapers of gray Hahnemühle Bugra paper with black leather joint.

Design Description: 
Full Russell’s Oasis red goatskin, the color chosen to symbolize the blood of Christ. Front cover with a large tilted cross composed of many small handmade shapes tooled in blind describing the overall outline of the cross. When both front and back covers are viewed together, the cross tilts far to the right creating four quadrants of various sizes. The four interior corners of the cross and the four quadrants both reinforce the four books of The Imitation of Christ. At the intersection of the horizontal and vertical elements of the cross, the four corners are each delineated by delta shapes of solid gilt leather. Title tooled in gold on a flat spine, edges gilt. Endpapers of purple suede to symbolize the royalty of Christ and the justice of God.

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Peter Geraty example binding

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Peter Geraty design description

Peter Geraty