Esther Kibby

Dallas, Texas 
Esther Kibby received a Master of Fine Arts degree in photography from Texas Woman’s University. Since 2001 she has worked with bookbinding structures, studying with Sally Key, David Lawrence, and Jim Croft. She is currently an instructor in basic bookbinding techniques and graphic design at the Art Institute of Dallas.

Example Binding: 
A Selection of Poems on the Theme of Water
Oldham, England: Incline Press, 2008.

Full deep blue Harmatan goatskin with feathered alum-tawed and multicolored onlays, using a puckering technique for dimensional texture. Cover scene illustrates waves washing upon the shoreline delivering sea creatures. The starfish is built up into a sculptural element using paper clay and overlaid with shagreen. French double headbands in blue, gold, and white silks. Top edge gilt with shell gold. Leather joint construction with marbled paper inset and matching endpapers by Catherine Levine.

Design Description: 
Full rust Harmatan goatskin. Cross, nail, and flowing cloth elements are onlays in cream and chocolate goatskin. A sliced geode crystal is inset into a gold and red goatskin dimensional halo at the intersection of the cross beam with a raised circlet of thorns and single blood droplet. A soft blue aura surrounding the inset is stippled acrylic ink. Goatskin doublures with center medallion onlay contains a raised dove element surrounded by a crown of thorns. French double headbands in rust, gold, and white silks. Title on front cover and author on spine blind tooled. Marbled endpapers by Catherine Levine. Top, fore, and bottom edges gilt.

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Esther Kibby example binding

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Esther Kibby design proposal

Esther Kibby