Jana Pullman

Minneapolis, Minnesota
Jana Pullman is a book artist, binder, and conservator. She trained with Walter Hamady and Jim Dast at the University of Wisconsin-Madison and Kim Merker, Bill Anthony, and Tim Barrett at the University of Iowa, receiving her M.F.A. in 1988. Following positions at the Marriott Library at the University of Utah and the University of Iowa Oakdale Paper Facility, she moved in 1997 to Minneapolis where she works as a private book and paper conservator and owner of Western Slope Bindery. She is also an instructor at the Minnesota Center for Book Arts and teaches workshops throughout the country.

Winner: Award for Design

Example Binding: 
Bernard C. Middleton. 
The Restoration of Leather Bindings
New Castle, Delaware: Oak Knoll Press and the British Library, 1998.

Sewn on four linen tapes with sponge painted edges and hand sewn silk endbands. Covered in light brown Hewit goatskin with leather hinged Ingres endpapers and marbled paper doublures. Title and two illustrations from the book are gold tooled for the cover decoration.

Design Description: 
Full maroon goatskin with red leather onlays. Traditional panel and gilt spine with individual tools to acknowledge the period when the book was printed, a more contemporary design element with the figure of the young Christ tooled in the front center panel, hand tooled in 23k gold. Page edges not to be trimmed or colored, but hand-sewn endbands and gold tooling along board edges will be added. Edge-to-edge doublures with tooled panel design facing marbled paper flyleaves.

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Jana Pullman example binding

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Jana Pullman design description

Jana Pullman