M. Sue Gilly

Dallas, Texas 
M. Sue Gilly has studied bookbinding with David Lawrence at the Craft Guild of Dallas since 2005, and has taken a workshop in gold tooling with Stuart Brockman. She participated in “The Thread That Binds,” a 2011 exhibition presented by the Lone Star Chapter of the Guild of Book Workers. Gilly also participated in the 2012 DeGolyer Triennial Exhibition and Competition.

Example Binding: 
Irving Stone. 
Lust for Life: The Novel of Vincent van Gogh
New York: Modern Library, 1939.

Flat spine tight back case binding (Islamic-style, adapted) in full black goatskin with inlays of white bonded leather (75% leather) with full-color transfers of van Gogh paintings; title blind stamped. Hand embroidered Islamic headband (straight weaving) in blue and yellow silk; top edge graphite; blue lokta endpapers with gold painted accents. Full black cloth protective box with details from several van Gogh paintings.

Design Description: 
Decorated case binding in full tan goatskin with onlays of multiple colors of goatskin having transferred images/text, and onlays of leather lacing. Multi-colored leather stuck-on headbands; all edges toned with brown inks; decorative endpapers by Catherine Levine. Transfers made using Acrylic Gel Medium, laser copy/print images or text, and light colored leather. One thick coat of medium brushed onto image/text, placed face down onto the leather, put into a press for several hours, and allowed to dry thoroughly. Paper is removed from the leather using water and a soft, smooth cloth.

The design is meant to convey the textbook aspect of Middleton’s book, with the look of a restored leather binding and the sophistication of a design binding. This is achieved through the use of traditional tan leather background, colorful onlays, grids of lacing, text/image transfers, colorful headbands, and pastedowns to create an integral presentation.


M. Sue Gilly example binding


M. Sue Gilly design proposal

M. Sue Gilly