Patty Bruce

Dallas, Texas
Patty Bruce trained with Monique Lallier at the American Academy of Bookbinding, Nicky Oliver in England, and Jan Sobota in the Czech Republic. Bruce received a Masters of Object/Sculptural Binding diploma from the Society of Bookbinding of the Czech Republic. Working full time as a bookbinder in her studio in Dallas, her bindings have been exhibited recently at the Center for the Book in New York and the University of South Dakota. 

Example Binding:
The Fairy Tales of Grimm & Andersen
London and Glasgow: Collins’ Clear Type Press, [ca. 1910–1920].
Illustrated by Anne Anderson.

Modified split board structure in a style developed by Jan Sobota, acrylic hand-painted leather cover, green textured sheepskin on interior boards. Complementary leather cord headbands, alcohol paper endsheets created specifically for this binding, all three edges painted.

Design Description:
A hand-painted cover for "The Apocrypha" inspired by biblical images found in historically significant churches and in illuminated manuscripts, a modified illustration to give the design a vintage feel. The illustration selected for the cover would wrap around the volume from the front to the back cover.

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Patty Bruce example binding

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Patty Bruce design proposal

Patty Bruce