Pamela S. Wood

Tempe, Arizona
Pamela S. Wood received a B.F.A. in Printmaking from Kent State University and pursued post-graduate studies in graphic design at the Cleveland Institute of Art. She has received several professional development grants from the Arizona Commission on the Arts as well as a fellowship from the Women’s Studio Workshop in New York. Wood has studied at the American Academy of Bookbinding and with numerous master binders including Hélène Jolis, Don Glaister, and Monique Lallier. She produces fine bindings and artists’ books full-time in Rarehare Creations, her Tempe, Arizona, studio.

Example Binding: 
Pamela S. Wood. 
Letter Space
Tempe, Arizona: Rarehare Creations, 2012.
Unique limited edition text, printed, illustrated, and bound by Pamela S. Wood.

This binding reflects the style and techniques proposed for the Apocrypha, Volume IV of The English Bible Containing the Old Testament & the New printed by the Doves Press. This example utilizes full goatskin case bound with a hollow back, laced in cords, and handsewn endbands. Decorative elements include hand-painted top edge and original paste paper endsheets. Inside front and back covers with leather edge-to-edge doublures. Differences will include the use of inlays rather than raised cover decoration under the leather. In addition, full leather edge-to-edge doublures will not be used in the proposed binding.

Design Description:
Full leather binding and hinges of Harmatan #16 green goatskin, inlays using Harmatan #35 yellow goatskin and hand-tinted leather inlays with gold silk thread adornment. The white leather “b” on the front and back covers inlaid with hand-tinted leather. The spine will also have an inlay with a gold thread cross to denote the bottom of the book. Handsewn endbands of green, yellow, and gold silk thread. The cover title inlay tooled in black. Endpapers will be the binder’s handmade paper. There will not be any top edge treatment that could interfere with the archival conservation of the text.

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Pamela S. Wood example binding

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Pamela S. Wood design proposal

Pamela S. Wood