Forrest Jackson

Forrest Jackson began bookbinding in 1997 and immediately fell in love with the craft. Since then, he has pursued fine binding, conservation, and restoration. Jackson studied under Pamela Leutz, Jan Sobota, Jim Croft, and Sally Key, and currently teaches bookbinding classes at the Craft Guild of Dallas.

Example Binding:
Dick, Philip K.
The Penultimate Truth.
New York: Bluejay Books Inc., 1984.

Published in 1964, Philip K. Dick's The Penultimate Truth is an allegory that still rings true today. In this science fiction novel, most people live in underground "ant tanks" because they believe the surface is uninhabitable due to nuclear fallout from WW III. Via televised messages, President Talbot Yancy informs the subterranean dwellers that the war rages on and he urges them to build ever more "leadie" robots to continue the fight. Aboveground, the elite class of "Yance-men" live in luxury and visit each other’s vast demesnes in fruit fly-shaped "flapples." They convert the soldier robots into servants – all the while ruling the Earth and continuing the deception down below. And that's just the premise. The story takes place in 1982, but it might as well be 1984 or 2003 – or 2022. If you don't believe weapons of mass deception still exist, just turn on your TV.

This casebound copy of the The Penultimate Truth is bound in light bluish green and beige goatskin leather. The larger onlays consist of medium brown, dark brown, variegated maroon leather. The flying machine and two closed hatches are stamped with metallic foil, while the sun and title are stamped in gold. The binding also features hand sewn silk headbands, gilded textblock edges, and Tairei Kin endpapers.

Design Description:
The design for Toni Morrison's Five Poems draws inspiration from select words and phrases among her verses. There are shorelines, a harbor, the sea, a train, a summit, and a turn of the sun through hills–all of which are represented in this mountainous seaside scene. Utilizing the original sewing stations, Five Poems will be sewn on two Ramieband tapes and casebound in light blue and beige goatskin leather. Onlays will consist of light brown, ocean blue, and variegated shades of green and maroon leather. The shining sun, title banner, and thirteen boxcars will be stamped in gold. The locomotive will be stamped in black, red, and gold. The train track will be tooled in platinum. The tiny rail wheels and propeller airplane will be cut out of black and silver lame leather, respectively. Unryu kozo endpapers will provide both a cloudy beauty and strength to the binding. 

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The Penultimate Truth. <br />
New York: Bluejay Books Inc., 1984.<br />

Forrest Jackson example binding

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Forrest Jackson design proposal

Forrest Jackson