Esther Kibby

Esther Kibby is a fine design binder, printmaker, and photographer. She received her MFA in Photography from Texas Woman's University. Ms. Kibby is the 2006 Degolyer Triennial Bookbinding Competition Jury Prize for Design award recipient & has been involved in book arts since 2001, studying with Sally Key, David Lawrence, and Jim Croft. She is a member of the Guild of Bookworkers, and the LoneStar Chapter of the Guild, and the North

Example Binding:

Carlson, Lori M. and Ventura, Cynthia L.
Where Angels Glide at Dawn
New York: J. B. Lippincott, 1990

Full leather, sewn-on-tape binding with leather onlays and foil finishing. The cover design reflects Where Angels Glide at Dawn short stories that alludes to the blending of South American indigenous with European myths and religious beliefs. Hollow back spine and leather joint construction with marbled paper inset matching marbled paper end sheets by Catherine Levine. Hand-sewn, silk headbands in burgundy, gold and pewter. Decorative fore-edges with purple pigment paint & foil stamp triangular patterns. The book is housed in a tan & linen clamshell case.

Design Description:
Five Poems by Toni Morrison in collaboration with artist Kara Walker reflects themes of racial tension mixed with the complexities of human desire. Her poems speak of the struggle to define people of color's identity and place in American society. The design binding uses fair goat leather base with black leather onlays. A central raised figure spans both front and back covers. On the front, the figure holds the black leather silhouette of a slave ship riding blue foil stamped waves symbolizing the middle passage experience. On the back cover, a rose vine with a single rose surrounded by five gold foil flames entwines the arm, symbolizing passion. Sewn-on-tapes, leather joint construction with inset marbled paper & matching end sheets. Hand-sewn, white & gold silk headbands with decorative fore-edges in black pigment with gold flecks. The binding will be housed in a black linen clamshell case.


Esther Kibby example binding


Esther Kibby design proposal

Esther Kibby