A Library is The HEART OF A School

A Library is The HEART OF A School
Bridwell Broadside II
Designed and printed by Fallon Snyder.
December, 1963

Caption beneath illustration:

“Priests, Kings, Judges—woodcut illustration from the 1553 Tyndale version of the New Testament, printed by R. Jugge, London. (D. M. 74)—from the Rare Book Collection, Bridwell Library.”

“Special Collections Form The HEART Of The Library

Bridwell Library, Perkins School of Theology, Southern Methodist University, touched the stages of teen-ager and maturity within the same academic year (1962–1963). December 18, 1962, marked the beginning of the thirteenth year of service of Bridwell Library; and during the academic season of 1962–1963, there came to the keeping of Bridwell Library bibliographic treasures which have infused a zest for excellence which only the presence of great books in great editions can give. The Bridwell-DeBellis Collection of Fifteenth Century Printing, the establishment of The Levi A. Olan Collection of Fine Books, and a series of remarkable individual gifts charted a course of depth for us at a critical turn of time.

These special additions in 1962–1963 joined five other special collections already established in Bridwell Library. These are The Sadie and David Lefkowitz Collection of Judaica, The Steindorff Collection of Egyptology, The Ferguson Collection of Americana and Texana, The Robert Floyd and Lessie Curl Collection in New Testament Literature, and The Arthur Corey Collection.

The happiest portion of this development is the continuing gifts which supplement existing collections and open the doors to new fields.

Patrons of Bridwell Library

Mr. Joseph S. Bridwell
Mrs. Margaret Bridwell Bowdle
Mr. Frank V. DeBellis
Mrs. J. J. Perkins
Mrs. Annie Young Hughey
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Prothro

Mr. and Mrs. Dan Ferguson
Rabbi and Mrs. Levi Olan
Mr. Sawnie Aldredge, Jr.
Mr. & Mrs. Paul P. Steed, Jr.
Mr. Arthur Corey
Mrs. Charles C. Selecman

Mrs. F. B. Ingram
Mrs. J. N. R. Score
Mr. & Mrs. Lewis Lefkowitz
Mr. & Mrs. E. L. DeGolyer, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Louis Tobian
Dr. Charles Braden”

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Collaborative Study Room
A Library is The HEART OF A School