Vargueno-style English cabinet

Vargueno-style English cabinet on stand, c. 1650
Carved oak, hand-forged hardware
Gift of Evie Jo Wilson, 1993

The portable cabinet known as a vargueno, or bargueño, originated during the period of the Spanish colonial empire. Varguenos sometimes included accoutrements for use as traveling desks, and could also be found perched on stands for permanent household placement. The carved door and side panels of this vargueno, which appear somewhat mismatched, depict a troubadour and a maiden in period dress. Barley twist posts support the upper cabinet.

An active member of St. Paul’s United Methodist Church, Evie Jo Wilson (1912–1999), provided endowments for a number of educational and Methodist institutions through the Arthur R & Evie Jo Wilson Trust headquartered in Chicago. The annual Craven Wilson Lectures at Perkins School of Theology, established in 1993, was named for her parents, Rev. and Mrs. W. A. Craven, and brings to Perkins leading thinkers in evangelism from across the church. The trust has also funded Bridwell exhibitions and other projects at Perkins. Evie Jo delivered the Vargueno-style cabinet to Bridwell Library from Houston in the backseat of her car.

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Second Floor (staff area)
Vargueno-style English cabinet