Las Albancas de Santidad

Yahacob Yehuda Leon Hebreo (1603–1675).
Ḳodesh hilulim [Tehilim]. Las Alabanças de Santidad. Traducion de los Psalmos de David, por la misma phrasis y palabras del Hebrayco.
Amsterdam: [s.n.], 5431 [1671]. (BRB0929)

Printed in Hebrew and Ladino (a Spanish translation that preserved the Hebrew syntax), this book provides the psalm texts with commentaries based on works of earlier rabbinic authors. It was compiled by Yahacob Yehuda Leon Hebreo (also known as Jacob Juda Leon Templo), one of the leading rabbis in Amsterdam and head of the city’s Jewish schools. The work was dedicated to Ishak Ḥayyim Senior Teixeyra (1625–1705), famed counselor to Queen Cristina of Sweden. The exhibited passages include the beginning of Psalm 42: “As the deer longs for flowing streams, so longs my soul for thee, O God.”

Las Albancas de Santidad