Sefer Tehilim

Sefer Tehilim [Book of Psalms].
Commentary by David ben Joseph Ḳimḥi, edited by Jacob Baruch ben Judah Landau.
Naples: Joseph ben Jacob Gunzenhauser, 4 Nisan 5247 (28 March 1487). (07017)

In 1487 Joseph ben Jacob Ashkenazi Gunzenhauser introduced Hebrew printing in Naples with this book, the Sefer Tehilim (Book of Psalms). The text of the Psalms, printed in large letters, is surrounded with commentary by David ben Joseph Ḳimḥi (c. 1160–c. 1235) in smaller types. On several leaves a Christian censor used ink to delete words from the commentary or pasted small sheets of paper over whole passages. This censorship most likely occurred at the order of Pope Paul IV, whose apostolic commissioner, Jacob Geraldino, censored several surviving copies of this edition at Ferrara in 1556.

Sefer Tehilim