Catechism for the 18th Dauphin

Louis Richeome (1544–1625).
Catechisme royal dedié à Monseigneur le Daufin en la ceremonie de son baptesme.
Lyon: Jean Pillehotte, 1607. (BRB0764)

This catechism was composed for Louis, 18th Dauphin of France (1601–1643), later King Louis XIII (r. 1610–1643). The author, a Jesuit who served as provincial in Lyon and Aquitaine, was the Society of Jesus’s French assistant in Rome at the time of this publication. A variety of theological and devotional subjects are reviewed including the Holy Spirit, symbols of the Apostles, faith, hope, charity, and virtues. The chapter on the Sacraments is illustrated with this full-page emblematic plate comprising eleven separate vignettes.

Catechism for the 18th Dauphin