Luther's German New Testament

[German New Testament].
Das Newe Testament Deutzsch.
Translated by Martin Luther.
Wittemberg: Melchior Lotther, [December] 1522. (BRA0930)

Nowhere in the history of the Reformation was Dürer’s influence so strongly felt as in Lucas Cranach’s illustrations for the first two editions of Luther’s German New Testament of 1522. Closely based on the Apocalypse woodcuts of 1498, Cranach’s illustrations for the Book of Revelation simplified Dürer’s visionary compositions, giving them a more immediate impact and removing certain details that had combined diverse chapters of the text within a single image. Exhibited is Cranach’s woodcut of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, which clearly echoes one of Dürer’s most influential creations.

Dürer and the Reformation
Luther's German New Testament