Christ Bearing the Cross

Albrecht Dürer.
Passio domini nostri Jesu, ex Hieronymo Paduano, Dominico Mancino, Sedulio, et Baptista Mantuano, per fratrem Chelidonium collecta, cum figuris Alberti Dureri Norici Pictoris.
Nuremberg: Albrecht Dürer, 1511. (11011)

The following print, Christ Bearing the Cross, shows the Savior stumbling under its weight just outside the gates of Jerusalem. Looking back, he sees St. Veronica, who offers her veil (a medieval legend claimed that his holy image was impressed upon the cloth). Stones and thistles impede his path to Golgotha, the setting of the Crucifixion.

The Large Passion
Christ Bearing the Cross