Owned by Sally Sackett, Pennsylvania, 1795

Freeborn Garettson.
The Experience and Travels of Mr. Freeborn Garrettson.
Philadelphia: Parry Hall, 1791. (05707)

This is one of two early American Methodist publications held by Bridwell Library that were owned and inscribed by Sally Sackett (c. 1756–1826). Born in Wrightstown, Bucks County, Pennsylvania, Sackett never married. She inscribed her name into this book on June 4, 1795. 

Written at John Wesley's request, this book is an autobiographical account by Freeborn Garrettson (1752–1827). One of the most widely-travelled of the early American-born Methodist ministers, Garrettson won countless adherents to Methodism by means of his effective preaching and activism against slavery.

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Owned by Sally Sackett, Pennsylvania, 1795