John Emory's Manuscript Journal

John Emory.
Journal. Manuscript.
[England, 1820]. (Leete MS Collection)

John Emory (1789–1835) was a skilled Methodist leader who was an editor of The Methodist Magazine. Elected bishop in 1832, Emory was a strong advocate for education, helping to establish educational institutions as well as being the namesake of Emory College (now Emory University in Atlanta, Georgia). In 1820 Emory travelled to Liverpool and became the first American to serve as a delegate at the Methodist General Conference in England. Exhibited is Emory’s manuscript journal of 1820, which records his travels to Liverpool and London and his meetings with incoming Conference President Jabez Bunting (1779–1858), past President Jonathan Crowther (1759–1824), and the great Methodist scholar, Adam Clarke. This journal appears not to have received first-hand study since 1841, when Emory’s eldest son, Robert Emory, published selected excerpts in The Life of the Rev. John Emory.

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John Emory's Manuscript Journal