"A Catalogue of Books"

A Catalogue of Books Chiefly Published by the Late Rev. Mr. Wesley.
London: Thomas Cordeaux, 1812. (BRA0136)

This single-sheet catalogue of Methodist publications provides an idea of how such books were advertised and sold by the Methodist Book Concern in early nineteenth-century England. The catalogue, “Printed at the Conference Office, City-Road, London: Tho[ma]s Cordeaux, Agent, 1812,” offered books that were to be “Sold by Mr. Blanshard, No. 14, City-Road, London; and at the Methodist Preaching-Houses in Town and Country.” The catalogue consists of eight sections:

1. Practical (Bibles, sermons, theological writings by John Wesley and others).
2. Poetical (primarily hymns and psalms).
3. Historical (journals and biographies).
4. Controversial (doctrinal pamphlets by Wesley and others).
5. Works by John Fletcher (1729–1785).
6. Works by Dr. Thomas Coke (1747–1814).
7. Works by Adam Clarke (1762–1832).
8. Miscellaneous (Methodist Magazine and other educational works).

Because ephemeral publications such as this catalogue usually were discarded after use, they are now extremely rare; this copy and one other at the Bodleian Library in Oxford are the only recorded copies.

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Books for Early Methodists
"A Catalogue of Books"