"To Read More Than Once"

John Wesley.
[Letter to Ann Loxdale, at Shrewsbury].
London, 18 January 1782. (JWesley1782)

John Wesley did not hesitate to recommend his own writings to his followers. This letter, written to a young admirer from Shrewsbury named Ann Loxdale (1755–1812), typefies the encouragement and advice that he gave to his many correspondents. As he did in letters to several other recipients, Wesley recommended that Loxdale should read and re-read his essential work, A Plain Account of Christian Perfection:
I advised formerly my dear Jenny Cooper, and so I advise you, frequently to read and meditate upon the thirteenth chapter of the first of Corinthians. There is the true picture of Christian perfection! Let us copy after it with all our might! I believe it might likewise be of use to you to read more than once the “Plain Account of Christian Perfection.” Indeed what is it more or less than humble, gentle, patient love?

Loxdale remained a prominent Methodist for the rest of her life. In 1811, at the age of 57, she became the second wife of Dr. Thomas Coke (1747–1814), the “Father of Methodist Missions.” She died the following year.

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"To Read More Than Once"