"To Her Dear Little Grand-Nephew"

[Selina Hastings, Countess of Huntingdon].
The Collection of Hymns to be Universally Sung in all the Countess of Huntingdon’s Chapels.
Bath: William Gye, [1790?]. (BRA2359)

According to an inscription inside its back cover, this expensively-bound copy of Lady Huntingdon’s hymnbook was owned by Mary Roberts of 12 Sion Square, London, in 1797. Another inscription facing the title page indicates that in 1836 she gave the book “to her dear little grand-nephew J. G. Bellett,” at Easterlands, Somerset. This recipient was John Gifford Bellett (1795–1864), the Irish evangelist, author, and co-founder of the Plymouth Brethren movement. His biographers mention his many visits to Somerset, where he benefited from the “wise training and heavenly example” of his “Aunt Roberts, who died in her hundredth year, February 9th, 1845.”

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Books Owned by English Women
"To Her Dear Little Grand-Nephew"