Crow Old Testament History

[Crow Genesis summaries].
History of the Old Testament.
[Pryor Creek, Montana: St. Charles Mission, c. 1892–1898]. (BRB0381)

The Bible has never been translated into the Crow language, spoken by the Crow Indians in Montana and Idaho. These summaries of stories from Genesis was written in Crow by Peter Paul Prando (1845–1906), a Jesuit priest who established the St. Charles Mission in Pryor Creek, Montana, in 1892. As Prando’s mission school had little money and no press, he taught with the aid of simple gelatin-printed hectographs such as this one. The title page bears the acronym “A.M.D.G.” at the top  the Jesuit motto Ad maiorem Dei gloriam, or “For the greater glory of God.”

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Crow Old Testament History