Massachuset Bible

[Massachuset Bible].
Mamusse wunneetupanatamwe up-Biblum God.

Cambridge, [Massachusetts]: Samuel Green, 1680, 1685. (Prothro B-64/A)

The Society for the Propagation of the Gospel among the Indians in New England was responsible for one of the landmarks of early printing in the British colonies. The “Eliot Indian Bible” of 1663, completed by the Puritan minister John Eliot (1604–1690) with the assistance of native translators in Cambridge, Massachusetts, was the first Bible printed in the New World, and the first example in history of the translation and printing of the entire Bible into a new language (Massachuset) as a means of evangelism. Eliot had produced the New Testament in the same language in 1661, with a revised second edition in 1680. The exhibited Bible is comprised of Eliot’s 1680 New Testament and his revised Old Testament of 1685.

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Massachuset Bible