Nahuatl Gospel of Luke

[Nahuatl Gospel of Luke].
Yacuic iyec tenonotzaltzin in Jesu-Christo, quenami oquimo ihcuilhuili in San Lucas.
Mexico: Imprenta Metodista Episcopal, 1889. (Prothro B-387)

Nahuatl, also called Aztec, is the foremost indigenous language of central Mexico. The first portion of the Bible in Nahuatl to appear in print, the Gospel of Luke, was translated from the Latin by Mariano Paz y Sánchez in 1833. An inscription on the front flyleaf of this 1889 second edition records that Rev. Frank Borton, Professor of Theology at the Mexico Methodist Institute in Puebla, presented the book in 1893 to Rev. John Wright (1836–1919), author of Early Bibles of America (1894).

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Nahuatl Gospel of Luke