Nicholas de Lyra Bibical Commentary

Nicholas de Lyra (c. 1270–1349).
Postilla super totam bibliam.
Volume 2 of three.
[Nuremberg]: Anton Koberger, 22 January 1481. (06857)

Not a Bible, but a well-known biblical commentary by the Franciscan theologian Nicholas de Lyra, this book initiated a tradition of printed illustration that would appear in many Bibles beginning in 1485. Its forty-three woodcut images and diagrams, based on fourteenth-century illuminated manuscripts of Nicholas de Lyra’s Postilla, illustrate various problems of biblical interpretation. These include depictions of Noah’s ark, the Ark of the Covenant, the Temple in Jerusalem, and the exhibited full-page woodcut of Ezekiel’s vision of the Creator and four winged creatures surrounding a heavenly wheel.


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Nicholas de Lyra Bibical Commentary