Zainer's German Bible of 1477

[German Bible].
Augsburg: [Günther Zainer] 1477. (06170)

Günther Zainer printed the German Bible for a second time in 1477 using the same woodcut illustrations that had appeared in his edition of c. 1474. In this typical initial, which introduces the Book of Jonah, the elaborate letter “U” contains two simple yet lively scenes. The lower half depicts Jonah, who during his voyage to Nineveh had been thrown overboard in order to calm the stormy seas. Having been swallowed by a great fish, he is disgorged on the third day. In the upper half of the initial, the repentant king of Nineveh covers his mouth to signify his fasting while the beasts of the city “cry mightily unto God.” The smaller initials at the beginnings of subsequent chapters have been added by hand with red ink.

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Fifteenth Century
Zainer's German Bible of 1477