Armenian Bible of 1805

[Armenian Bible]. A[stuats]ashunch’ matean hin ew nor ktakaranats’ ěst chshgrit t’argmanu[t’]ean nakhneats’ merots’ i hellenakann hawatarmagoyn bnagrē i haykakans barbaṛ hashkhatasirut’[en]ē Hovhannu Zōhrapean. 
Volume 1 of 4.

Venice: Convent of St. Lazaro, 1805. (Prothro B-137)

Although an Armenian language Bible was printed at Amsterdam in 1666, the exhibited Bible of 1805 was the first critical edition of the Armenian scriptures. Edited by the Benedictine monk Giovanni Zohrab at the Armenian monastery on the island of San Lazaro near Venice, this edition was printed at that monastery with extremely fine engravings that introduce each volume. In the first volume, exhibited here, the Bible is introduced by a beautiful vision in which the Earth, the Sun, and other heavenly bodies emerge from the darkness on the first day of Creation.


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Nineteenth Century
Armenian Bible of 1805