Douay-Rheims New Testament

[English Bible]. The New Testament of Jesus Christ, Faithfully Translated into English out of the Authentical Latin.
[Rouen?]: John Cousturier, 1633. (Prothro B-189)

The King James Bible tradition initiated in 1611 tended to avoid illustrations for more than a century. Other English Bible traditions, such as that of the Catholic Douay-Rheims version, continued to incorporate illustrations. This Douay-Rheims New Testament, described on the title page as “the fourth edition, enriched with pictures,” was printed in France. It includes four full-page engravings of the evangelists by Jean Picquet (c. 1600–1650) of Troyes. In the exhibited illustration, St. Mark is accompanied by his traditional symbol, the lion. The evangelist writes the beginning of his gospel not in Greek, but in its Latin translation.


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Seventeenth Century
Douay-Rheims New Testament